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The Atlantic Karate Training Center provides a unique training experience affording the finest instruction in traditional Okinawan Karate-do. Our uniqueness is two fold-attributed to the dojo's family dynamic and our adherence to a handful of core values.

The familial aspect of the dojo developed over the past ten years. Our belief in the Japanese principal jita kyoei has facilitated this sense of family within the dojo. Jita kyoei means mutual prosperity. We believe that the student/teacher relationship is mutually prosperous-both the student and instructor are benefiting from working together to improve the student's Karate, spirit and focus.

Our adherence to a handful of core values also contributes to the uniqueness of the Atlantic Karate Training Center. These core values provide a basis by which participants engage in the highest level of authentic martial arts training. We pride ourselves on the hard work, devoted spirit and dedication of our students and instructors. We foster self-respect, improvement of ones Karate and compassion for one another. We find that our insistence on adhering to and exhibiting these core values make our program highly successful and enjoyable for all participants.

It is my sincere hope that from our online home, you will gain an appreciation of the spirit of Karate-do and our dojo. I look forward to training with you soon.

All my best,
Andrew E. Moores
Director of Training


Watch a 2 minute video to learn how martial arts training benefits students of all ages!


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